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Canvasworks by Noto-Fusai

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Japanese designer-duo Noto-Fusai have created a series of wall panels called Canvasworks. As the name suggests, the concept of this series is a canvas that literally works. When you see the actual piece, you might think it is just a black and white painting on a canvas at a glance but if you take a close look, you will soon find that it is more than that.

If you want to spice up the decoration of your room , how about this one?

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Or you may want to camouflage the power points in your room, this may be the perfect solution for you!

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An everyday scenery drawn on the canvas. On a close view, you'll find a part of the scene actually functions.

"Canvasworks" is literally a collection of interior products: "canvas that works," which Designer Duo Noto Fusai proudly introduce you as a brand-new entity to fill the gap between art piece and functional products.

"Balance between rationality and sensitivity, inquiry into new possibilities, chain of coinsidence and the occasional birth of new products."

Noto-Fusai is a designer duo consisting of the two designers Noto Hirotsugu and Noto Miyo, who lauched the alternative t-shirt brand [ shikisai ] in 2005. Centering on the proposal of new products, they are pursuing the positive possibilities in every side of the contemporary society.

* "Noto" is their last name. "Fu" means husband. "Sai" means wife. All together, Noto-Fusai stands for "Mr. and Mrs. Noto".

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